Sleepy Hollow: Production Announcement

SPOOKY! I am thrilled to make my New York City Debut as Brom Bones in 'Sleepy Hollow the Musical' which will run at the Historic Players Theatre in the West Village from September 28th to November 11th. 

“This show also explores another darkness: that of the human heart. Those old enough to miss telling scary campfire stories will find pleasant chills here, and something to think about, too.” – The New York Times

Things happen in the hollow at night. Things we don’t speak about and things you don’t want to know. 200 years ago Ichabod Crane lost his way in the hollow and was never seen again. Did the headless horseman get to him? Don’t look to the kindly folk of Sleepy Hollow for answers – they don’t take to strangers.

Nominated for an Innovative Theatre Award for best original music - this musical adaptation of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" features live music and spell-binding projections by David Warren that draw you into the hollow and take you for a breathless ride."

Michael Sgouros, music; Brenda Bell, book-lyrics; Bekah Shade, choreo.; Brenda Ball, dir. 

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